French Quarter
Vampyre Adventure
If you find the life of a Vampire
alluring, and you've wondered what it
would be like to explore the world as
a nocturnal creature...we have an
adventure for you....if you dare!

Spend a magical evening living the
life of a Vampire in historic and
mysterious New Orleans.
Tell us your budget and let the Adventure begin:

Each evening is custom created especially for you.  Whether you are
traveling from across the country, or just want a special evening in your
own backyard, the options are endless.  No two adventures are alike.

We start with a brief interview to find out what you are expecting from
your evening.

Some options include:

- Meet our fangsmith Maven and have a set of custom fangs
created for you.  $110 per set

- Have your cards read with the Vampyre deck.  Great way to
start the evening, while sipping a glass of Vampire wine.

-Now, would you like to enjoy one more meal, before you are         
turned?  Join us for an elaborate dining experience as only a vampire
would host you.

Depending on your liking, after our
interview, we will select one of the
most exquisite restaurants in the
French Quarter.

While dining, we will story tell about
notorious New Orleans Vampires.

- And then on to the hunt.  Let's go
bar hoping to some of the more
devious locations, where we may
find a victim or two.  Either way,
we will enjoy the Gothic nights of
the French Quarter with a few
unusual cocktails made famous
here in the city.

- If you are looking for a very
romantic evening, why not let us
take you on a gondola ride through
City Park, with a bottle of Vampire wine
delectable cheese and crackers and an
adventure you'll never forget.

- Our wonderful city gives us endless options
so set the wheels in motion by contacting
us and getting a complimentary quote on
what your evening might look like.

We look forward to creating an evening
for you, that you will treasure for
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