Ultimate French Quarter
Vampyre Adventure
If you find the life of a Vampire
alluring, and you've wondered what it
would be like to explore the world as
a nocturnal creature...we have an
adventure for you....if you dare!

Spend two nights and two days living
the life of a Vampire in historic and
mysterious New Orleans.
Your Itinerary:

- Arrive in New Orleans just after dark.

- You will be met by a special vampire friendly cab.  The driver will immediately present you
with nourishment to revive you from your long journey.  Vamp n.r.g., for energy when the
sun is down, will do the trick.

- Your cab driver will take you to your hotel, Place d' Arms, where you will receive  
nocturnal accommodations.  Your room has no windows, so that you will be safe during the
daylight hours.

- Once you've checked in to your room, you will be met by
your host, Lady Marita, who will guide you to Pirate's Alley Café
for a  private Vampire Wine tasting.  You will taste these
wonderful wines and learn the history of Vampire, Dracula and
True Blood varieties.  

- After the wine tasting you will be led my Lady Marita to
Muriel's Seance Rooms, a private dining room awaits you
with a wonderful selection of New Orleans Cuisine.

- Dinner will be enjoyed listening to Lady Marita and Sir Steve story
telling of famous New Orleans Vampires and Ghosts of the French

- After dinner we will make our way to the Seance Rooms where we
will be met by a very insightful tarot card reader, who will read your
cards from the Vampyre Tarot deck.  

- Also meeting us in the Seance Rooms will be
fangsmith Maven, to equip you with your personal
set of Vampire fangs.

The fangs are molded for your mouth, and matched
to the color of your teeth.  They simply slip on and off,
there is no glue needed.

- From Muriel's we will head to Lafitte's Blacksmith shop, the oldest establishment used as a
bar in the United State's today.  There we will enjoy cocktails while huddled around the
famous piano bar in the back of Lafitte's.

Jean Lafitte was a privateer but apparently ran the
blacksmith shop with his brother as a front. The
building is authentic 18th Century, and it shows. It is
one of the few remaining examples of French
architecture in the town, the majority of the rest of the
French Quarter having burnt down and been rebuilt
with Spanish stylings.

Here we will relax and obverse
our surroundings for possible

You will be left at Lafitte's to
roam the remainder of the night
however you choose.

However, you must return to
your hotel prior to sunrise.
In your room you will find two books,
Journey into Darkness, which is a compilation of  New Orleans
Vampire and Ghost stories.  The other book is
Lafitte the Pirate,
the most factual book published on our Lafitte.  These books are yours for the keeping, so
that you can deepen your knowledge on the topics we touched on throughout the night.

Evening Two:

You will receive a wakeup call an hour before sunset.  We expect you to be ready to go at
Sunset to enjoy your second night as a Vampire.

You will be met outside your hotel by a buggy and driver.  Your guide is a nocturnal creature
who will lead you around the quarter and educate you on some of the nocturnal's favorite
haunts.    He will offer you a bottle of your favorite Vampire wine, which you discovered the
previous evening at the wine tasting, along with a small snack of cheese and fruit.

He will then deliver you to Boutique du Vampyre, the only
Vampire shop in the country, for a private shopping experience.

Just a couple of doors down, you will dine at The Orleans Grapevine
for an enchanting dinner Vampire style.  

You will then have to find your way to the front of the St. Louis Cathedral, just a block away,
in Jackson Square, for your
Vampyre walking tour with
Haunted History Tours.

You will be lead by your
tour guide through French
Quarter Streets to discover
legends, lore and truths about
New Orleans Vampires.

After the tour we recommend
you visit The dungeon, a
favorite Vampire haunt.
Now you are on your own!  We hope you enjoy the
remainder of your adventure, but remember to watch the

The sun is our enemy!  Beware!

Each tour is customized to meet the requirements of our

Approximate all inclusive costs (Hotel, meals, adventure):
$3,000 per couple.
(does not include airfare)

Carpe Noctum (seize the night).

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